High-end CAD in the low-budget segment: The imagePROGRAF TA-20 from Canon stands for full-fledged large format printing, affordable, highly mobile, secure and efficient.

Currently, the importance of staying active and being able to run your business almost as usual – even from the home office – is becoming apparent. However, the ability to produce plans, renderings and photographic representations in large format printing as usual is quite limited, as hardly any other printer is as flexible. With its imagePROGRAF TA series, Canon has created exactly the right tool for this purpose.

With its extremely compact design, whisper-quiet operation and pure front panel operation, the iPF TA-20 allows the user to produce large-format prints incredibly quickly as usual, both in the office and in the home office (iPF TA-20 DIN A1/0:32 min. / iPF TA-30 0:53 min./DIN A0 in Fast Economy mode on plain paper). And this even at very low costs, both in terms of purchase and ongoing operation.

Even though the TA series impresses with its very compact dimensions and the budget does not suggest a high-end CAD printer, both the iPF TA-20 and the iPF TA-30 are full-fledged large format printers that combine all the necessary and familiar features.

The iPF TA-20, with a maximum material width of 61 cm and for DIN A1, comes as a pure tabletop unit, the iPF TA-30 with 91.4 cm and for DIN A0 comes with a stable printer stand. You can print banners from the roll up to 18 metres or through the single sheet feeder up to 59.4 cm in length.

Large format printing with precision for finest details
Both printers feature absolute precision thanks to the new Air Feeding System technology. It ensures that the print medium is held in position without any offset. This becomes clear when printing thin lines, small typography and finest details. In addition, the matt black ink ensures particularly fine lines and does not melt on the paper.

Continuously variable borderless printing from the roll and on single sheets is a standard feature of these Canon systems. Many other printers are bound to fixed and preselectable formats.

The outdoor use of the prints – often a prerequisite for the printing of plans – is possible because the combination of certified special paper and 5-colour pigment inks is ideal for weatherproof prints. Even on normal paper the print is already splash-proof and moisture, such as on construction sites, does not harm it.

Also in the IT and security sector, the features don’t make you suspect a low-budget printer. The connection via Gigabit-Ethernet, USB and WLAN is absolutely problem-free.

In terms of software, Canon offers a comprehensive range with the ideal solution for almost any application. Canon goes far beyond the usual offer with the PosterArtist Lite software included in the scope of delivery for the intuitive design of posters and billboards – currently even with important templates on the subject of hygiene (depending on version).

When it comes to security, the iPF TA series offers key features such as complete deletion, inaccessible passwords, 802.1x authentication and security and lockout protocols. This means that both your own data and those of your customers are absolutely secure.

Direct printing of PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs and HP-GL/2 files – without opening the original application – is just as possible as direct printing from the smartphone/tablet.

The online ROI tool calculates the cost of each print in terms of area coverage, media and ink consumption, thus providing the basis for profitable calculations.

From the wide range of large format printers from Canon, the two TA systems stand out in the low-budget segment due to their enormous price-performance ratio. They are ideal for newcomers, the home office and smaller architecture offices that want to achieve great things. Because the Canon iPF TA series is worthwhile even with just a few large format prints per day – both in terms of purchase and consumption.

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